Default Configurations

htmlArea RTE offers four default configurations:

  • Typical: sets Page TSconfig and User TSconfig with most commonly used features representing a good start for typical sites and for most situations;
  • Minimal: sets Page TSconfig and User TSconfig with minimal features; this is for advanced administrators who are familiar with the features of the RTE and understand well how to configure the RTE using Page TSconfig;
  • Demo: sets Page TSconfig and User TSconfig with as many features as possible for users who want to explore the features of the RTE; this is not recommended for a production environment;
  • Image: adds support for images to the Typical default configuration.

The default configuration may be chosen in the installation dialog of the htmlArea RTE extension presented by the Extension Manager. If not otherwise specified, the Typical default configuration will be used.

All default configurations share the same default configuration of RTE content transformation.