What does it do?

The extension offers a Rich Text Editor or RTE with the following features:

  • Support for Firefox 1.5+, SeaMonkey 1.0+, Safari 3.0.4+, Google Chrome 1.0+ and Opera 9.62+ on all platforms, and for IE 9.0+ on Windows platforms;
  • Integration of TYPO3 image insertion and link insertion browsers, configurable color selector and user element insertion dialog;
  • Integration of Magic Images within text is built-in and tightly couple to TYPO3’s APIs, and works just fine with HtmlArea.
  • Configuration through TYPO3 Extension Manager, Page and User TSconfig RTE properties; three default sets of Page and User TSconfig configuration settings for typical situations, advanced users or demo environments;
  • Integration with the translation facilities of TYPO3;
  • Block and inline CSS style selector boxes with style descriptors imported from an external CSS file;
  • Integration of a spell checking feature providing server-side spell checking in many languages, with optional personal dictionaries for backend users;
  • Integration of ContextMenu, TableOperations, InsertSmiley, FindReplace, RemoveFormat, CharacterMap, QuickTag and Acronym htmlArea extensions;
  • Anchor accessibility feature;
  • Clean paste feature;
  • Hook on Lorem Ipsum wizard so that dummy content may be inserted when the editor is in wysiwyg mode;
  • Optional configurable server-side HTML cleaning when content is pasted into the editor;
  • A class that may be used in front end extensions to enable rich text editing of text fields.


If spell checker feature is enabled, then Static Info Tables version 2.0.0+ is required.

The spell checker feature requires GNU Aspell 0.60+ to be installed on the server.

The spell checker requires PHP to be compiled with pspell. If PHP is not compiled with pspell, the spell checker will function in shell_exec mode.

The hook on the Lorem Ipsum wizard requires version 1.1.0+ of the Lorem Ipsum extension (lorem_ipsum).

What’s new

The following features have been added in TYPO3 6.0:

  • the RTE fully supports the new TYPO3 file abstraction layer (FAL);
  • when Internet Explorer 9 is used in native mode, the RTE always uses the standard objects, properties and methods now supported by this browser;
  • default paste behaviours for pasteStructure and pasteFormat have been modified to keep HTML5 tags article, aside, footer, header, nav and section; these defaults may be modified by configuring button pastebehaviour in Page TSconfig;
  • Page TSconfig properties that were deprecated since TYPO3 4.6 are now removed.

Migration to CKEditor

There are various plugins that are solely implemented by HtmlArea, and have been there for years, if you’ve used these plugins, there is no equivalent.

Although CKEditor has a plugin system as well, the one built by HTMLarea integrates tightly in TYPO3’s PHP world. Migrating the same functionality in any other RTE can be tough.

Current state

The latest version here reflects a feature-complete state. There are bugs, we know, there are possible feature requests - we know. But it’s highly likely that this extension gets no new features, unless somebody steps up and continues the development (see the Contribution page).