Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete a table?

You may proceed as follows:

  • click in any cell in the table;
  • in the editor status bar, displayed at the bottom of the editor frame, click on “table”;
  • press the “Delete” key or the “Backspace” key.

You may also proceed as follows:

  • click in any cell in the table;
  • click on the right button of the mouse or pointing device;
  • the context menu is displayed;
  • at the bottom of the context menu, you have the option to delete the TABLE element.

In Internet Explorer, you may also proceed as follows:

  • put the cursor just after the table and press the “Backspace” key;
  • or click on the border of the table and press the “Delete” key.

How do I configure the editor to use my CSS styles?

The following style sheets apply to the contents of the editing area and are linked in the following order:

  1. the htmlarea-edited-content.css file from the skin in use; it contains selectors for use in the editor, but not intended to be applied in the frontend;
  2. the css file specified by property contentCSS in Page TSconfig: you may define the styles you want to use in an external CSS file and assign the file name to this property.

How can I use a Bengali Open Type font in the editor?

Since Bengali is not well supported by all browsers, the recommended approach would be to add the Bengali font in the list of font families specified on the body selector of the RTE.default.contentCSS stylesheet. For example:

body { font-family: Verdana, sans-serif, Likhan; }

For some reason, with some fonts, the lines may overlap when using larger font sizes. It is the case with the Bengali Likhan font in Firefox 1.0.2. This may also be corrected through the stylesheet. For example:

body { font-family: Verdana, sans-serif, Likhan; line-height: 1.4; }

Note that, when using the Bengali Likhan font, a line-height with em or % unit may not produce any effect in Firefox 1.0.2.

Why is the class attribute on table tags always rendered as contenttable in the front end?

«TYPO3 always replaces the class I selected in the RTE for a table with the class “contenttable”. Do you have an idea how to switch that off?»

Assuming that you have installed extension CSS Styled Content (css_styled_content), add the following line in your TS template Setup field:

lib.parseFunc_RTE.externalBlocks.table.stdWrap.HTMLparser.tags.table.fixAttrib.class.list >

The contenttable class will then be added only if no class is specified for the table.

Why are abbr and acronym tags not correctly rendered in the front end?

Make sure that abbr and acronym are included in the list:


in your TS template constants.

Why is the editor not displayed with full width when I use the full window wizard?

If you are editing the most usual content element, that is the bodytext column of tt_content table, try to add the following line to your Page TSconfig:

TCEFORM.tt_content.bodytext.RTEfullScreenWidth = 100%

Note that this setting is now included in the default configuration of the extension.

If editing some other column, use the same model:

TCEFORM.my_table_name.my_column_name.RTEfullScreenWidth = 100%

Why do style selector boxes remain disabled in IE?

When using IE, make sure that the browser cache setting is set to Automatic.

Why can’t I get all buttons to be displayed?

  1. User TSconfig restricts the user to a specified set of buttons; therefore, for access to all buttons without restriction, in User TSconfig, set: options.RTEkeyList = *
  2. Page TSconfig adds the buttons required to edit the table and field you wish to edit; therefore, to add all buttons by default, in Page TSconfig, set RTE.default.showButtons = *
  3. If you are trying to edit the bodytext field of a content element from table tt_content, then the TCA field types and palettes may specify a list of buttons to add; this specification takes precedence over RTE.default.showButtons; to override any such setting in TCA for the bodytext field of table tt_content, in Page TSconfig, set RTE.config.tt_content.bodytext.showButtons = *
  4. If you are trying to edit a text field from another table, then, in Page TSconfig, set RTE.config.tableName.columnName.showButtons = *
  5. Buttons textcolor, bgcolor, fontstyle and fontsize are enabled only if «Enable features that use the style attribute> is checked in the extension manager.
  6. If extension static_info_tables is not installed, the spellcheck, language and acronym buttons are not enabled.
  7. If the encoding of the content element is not either iso-8859-1 or utf-8, the spellcheck button is not enabled.
  8. Buttons user and acronym are never available in the front end.
  9. Button unlink is not available if button link is not available.
  10. None of the table operations buttons are available is the button table is not available.
  11. Safari does not support the paste button.
  12. Opera does not support the copy, cut and paste buttons.

Why does it take so long to load the editor in Internet Explorer?

Try to adjust your IE browser cache settings:

  1. From the IE main menu, navigate to: Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> button: Configure… or in some other IE versions: Extras -> Internet Options : Temporary Files -> button: Advanced
  2. Select the radio button Automatic.

Some server configuration settings may also help working around Internet Explorer caching problems. See the Server Configuration section and the Tutorial section of this document.