Static File Cache: Speed up TYPO3 Frontend

Extension key:staticfilecache
Package name:lochmueller/staticfilecache
Author:Tim Lochmüller & Contributors
License:This document is published under the Creative Commons BY 4.0 license.
Rendered:2022-05-30 13:07

This extension brings a very flexible and very, very, very fast cache to TYPO3. It creates temporary HTML files from static pages and redirects the visitor to the HTML file without loading TYPO3 at all. Your server, whether Apache or Nginx, has less work and consumes less power as a result.

Have fun with the extension!

Note: This extension is a fork of EXT:nc_staticfilecache (before EXT:fl_staticfilecache) and has a lot of improvements. Replace the previous ones with this one if possible.

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