Breaking: Modernize metadata rendering


The metadata implementation for authors, categories, tags, publish date and comments were really hard to customize. It was used in multiple places and was also reliant on font awesome for icons.

To provide a better out of the box experience the templates were completely refactored and rebuilt from the ground up. A generic set was introduced that provides a lot of flexibility without the need to touch the templates at all. This set is now replacing all current usages of the metadata.

The old metadata plugin will now throw a deprecation message and is planned to be removed with Version 11. Instead of using the old one, there are now two new plugins for post header and post footer that can be configured individually through TypoScript constants. While the post header plugin will also render the post title, the post footer will only render the metadata for now. Also, the list rendering of posts has now two dedicated sections for rendering the metadata.

Each section like authors or categories can be configured per position. If you do not want to have a section rendered at all, you can also simply disable it. If comments are disabled for a post, the comment section will not be rendered.

We are now shipping 3 different layouts you can choose from that will change the look of how the metadata will be displayed.

Simple: Is a compact version, showing icon and value in one line.

Condensed: In addition to the icon and value, there is now also a prefix visible.

Extended: Prefix and value are now in separate lines.

You will find settings for this in the constant editor. Example Configuration for the postheader position:

plugin.tx_blog.settings.meta.postheader {
   enable = 1
   modifier = simple
   elements {
      authors {
         enable = 0
      categories {
         enable = 0
      tags {
         enable = 1
      published {
         enable = 1
         format = %d.%m.%Y
      comments {
         enable = 1

Templates added:

  • Partials/Meta/Default.html
  • Partials/Meta/Elements/Authors.html
  • Partials/Meta/Elements/Categories.html
  • Partials/Meta/Elements/Comments.html
  • Partials/Meta/Elements/Published.html
  • Partials/Meta/Elements/Tags.html
  • Partials/Meta/ListFooter.html
  • Partials/Meta/ListHeader.html
  • Partials/Meta/PostFooter.html
  • Partials/Meta/PostHeader.html
  • Partials/Meta/Rendering/Group.html
  • Partials/Meta/Rendering/Item.html
  • Partials/Meta/Rendering/Section.html
  • Templates/Post/Footer.html
  • Templates/Post/Header.html

Templates changed:

  • Partials/General/BlogIcons.html
  • Partials/List/Post.html
  • Templates/Post/Metadata.html