Breaking: Modernize widget rendering


The widget rendering has been completely reworked and is now more easy to customize without overwriting the templates.

Title rendering has been moved to the main layout, you can now use the new section “Title” to set the widget title. If you have overwritten the widget templates or added new ones that makes use of the “Widgets” layout you need to add this new section.



<h3 class="widget-title">[TITLE]</h3>


<f:section name="Title">[TITLE]</f:section>

Templates changed:

  • Layouts/Widget.html
  • Templates/Post/Sidebar.html
  • Templates/Widget/Archive.html
  • Templates/Widget/Categories.html
  • Templates/Widget/Comments.html
  • Templates/Widget/Feed.html
  • Templates/Widget/RecentPosts.html
  • Templates/Widget/Tags.html