Breaking: Modernize post author rendering


The author rendering has been completely reworks and is now more easy to customize without overwriting the templates. Bootstrap and FontAwesome specific classes were completely removed and we now deliver some basic css to achieve better results.

Rendering is now more resilient and only renders elements if necessary. Each element can be identified through specific classes on the markup. Flexbox is used for alignment and can be used to reorder the rendering without touching the templates.

Icons for social links now are now delivered by default as svgs and are rendered inline, this makes them easy to style and adjust. A new template has been introduced that only delivers the markup for the icons. This can be overwritten if you want to exchange the icons used. Default avatar size was also slightly increased to better match renderings.

Configuration changed:

  • avatar.provider.size: 64 -> 72

Templates changed or added:

  • Partials/General/SocialIcons.html

  • Partials/Post/Author.html

  • Templates/Post/Authors.html