Breaking: Modernize list renderings


To provide more flexibility, all default post list templates have been reworked. They all now share a common markup with modifiers for the different plugins.

In previous versions the templates were already listening to a variable class, but it was never set nor could could it be set without overriding the templates. All controller that render lists are now assigning a variable named type to these templates.

  • ListPostsByAuthor -> postlist–byauthor
  • ListPostsByCategory-> postlist–bycategory
  • ListPostsByDate -> postlist–bydate
  • ListPostsByTag -> postlist–bytag
  • ListRecentPosts -> postlist–recent
  • RelatedPosts –> postlist–related

Templates changed:

  • Partials/List.html
  • Partials/List/Post.html
  • Templates/Post/ListPostsByAuthor.html
  • Templates/Post/ListPostsByCategory.html
  • Templates/Post/ListPostsByDate.html
  • Templates/Post/ListPostsByTag.html