Breaking: Use TYPO3 Form Framework for comment form


The required form markup can vary a lot depending on the frontend implementation of the instance. To ease the blog integration in all kinds of frontends we decided to make use of the form framework of TYPO3.

By using the form framework the blog will automatically respect the already configured forms of the typo3 instance. This will remove the necessity to provide custom form templates for the comment form of the blog extension. This will also mean, thats its no longer possible to adjust the comment form directly, since this is now generated through the form framework API.

During the migration it was noticed that the google captcha implementation is currently only compatible with v2, this was added to the label for now to avoid configuration confusions while generating API Keys at google.

Adjusted Templates:

  • Templates/Comment/Form.html

New Templates:

  • Partials/Comments/Form/Closed.html

  • Partials/Comments/Form/Disqus.html

  • Partials/Comments/Form/Local.html

  • Partials/Form/GoogleCaptcha.html