System Extensions

Documentation of extensions managed within the core repository directly and maintained by the core team and core contributors are called system extensions. If working with the full core package, these extensions can be found in typo3/sysext directory.

Some of these extensions provide documentation, too. These are listed here.

Documentation of system extensions in current core version

The list of extensions developed directly in the core repository changes from time to time: Some extensions are merged into others, some are integrated, others abandoned from core and maintained at a different place.

The list below is kept in sync with the current development version of the core, the table further below lists extensions that were part of the core and extracted at some point in time.

Manual Extension key Comment
Frontend Login felogin  
Content Elements based on Fluid fluid_styled_content  
Form framework form Extensive manual
Indexed Search indexed_search  
Link validator linkvalidator  
Recycler recycler  
RSA authentication rsaauth Deprecated since TYPO3 9.1
Integration of CKEditor as Rich Text Editor rte_ckeditor Documentation added in 2/2019, rte_ckeditor available since TYPO3 8.7 LTS
Scheduler scheduler Recently reworked
System Actions sys_action  
Taskcenter taskcenter  
Workspaces and Versioning workspaces  

Documentation of system extensions abandoned from current core version

Manual Extension key Comment
ADOdb adodb Included until TYPO3 <= 7.6
CSS Styled Content css_styled_content Included until TYPO3 <= 8.7
Database abstraction layer dbal Included until TYPO3 <= 7.6
Openid openid Included until TYPO3 <= 6.2
htmlarea RTE rtehtmlarea Included until TYPO3 <= 7.6
Salted user password hashes saltedpasswords Merged into main core extension since TYPO3 >=7.4. See Core API