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Upgrading to version 2.0+

The two main considerations when upgrading to version 2.0+ from a previous version are:

  • the new static templates: see sections “Configuring plain text rendering” and “Configuring the use of categories”;
  • the conversion of categories: in previous versions, categories were defined in the Page TSConfig of the Direct Mail folder. Version 2.0 introduces a new Direct Mail Category database table.

When upgrading to version 2.0+, it is necessary to convert pre- existing categories in Page TSConfig and create corresponding Direct Mail Categories in the Direct Mail folders. If any categories were assigned to Content elements, Addresses , FE Users or Recipient Lists, these assignments also need to be converted to refer to the newly created Direct Mail Categories.

Conversion of categories is NOT revertible. Therefore, it would be prudent to take a backup of the TYPO3 database before this conversion is performed.

When upgrading to version 2.0, an additional option is presented in the function drop-down menu of the Extension Manager: UPDATE! The additional option is presented if a Direct Mail folder already exists and until at least one Direct Mail Category has been created.

If you select the UPDATE! option, pre-existing categories defined in Page TSConfig will be converted into new Direct Mail Categories. The Direct Mail categories will be created in each of the Direct Mail folders for which category definitions may be found in Page TSConfig.

Conversion of categories assignments in Content elements, Addresses, FE Users and Recipient Lists will also be attempted. If the use of categories was not yet configured, this part of the conversion process will fail, but may re-attempted a later time, using the “Categories conversion” function of the Direct Mail module. The next step is thus to configure the use of categories: see the section of this document on this subject.

Note that the conversion of categories assignments is only simulated, until you effectively confirm the conversion. Once confirmed, the records are updated and the conversion cannot be undone without restoring the table with some database backup.

When the use of categories is configured, you may re-attempt the conversion of categories assignments using the “Categories conversion” option of the function menu of the Direct Mail module. The function will report statistics on the conversion being performed, as well as conversion already done. It will also list the records that could not be converted: this exception would normally be due to the fact that the use of categories is not configured for this type of record in the page subtree in which it is found.

Although it may not be undone, categories conversion may be re- attempted as many times as required without causing any harm.