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Types of recipient lists

There are five types of Recipient lists:

  1. From pages : a list dynamically built from records found on pages of the website; you select the pages with the Starting Point field; you may include records from subtrees using the Include page subtree checkbox; you must specify the types of records to select: Address, Website User, Website User Group and/or From custom-defined Table; if Website User Group is checked and a Website User Group is found, all Website Users members of the group will be included in the list; you may also restrict the selection of records to those with specific categories assignments;
  2. Plain list : a list of email addresses separated by space, comma or line break; if you change the List format , you may rather enter, one per line, a name and address, separated by a comma; sending Direct mail to such list will send only plain text email messages; moreover, only non-categorized content will be sent;
  3. Static list : a list of individually selected records; the type of record may be Address, Website User, and/or Website User Group; if a Website User Group is selected, all Website Users members of the group will be included in the list;
  4. Special query : a list dynamically built using a SQL query; after creating the list, you may specify the query against one of the tables: Address, Website User or Custom-defined Table; to do so, you must select the Recipient list function of the Direct Mail module and click on the title of the list;Note:- the custom-defined table must be configured in TYPO3 TCA-Array- if you're using a custom defined table, you table must have “name” and “email” fields.- TYPO3 SQL-Query Generator, which is used, currently doesn't support a nm- query from a mm-table.
  5. From other recipient lists : a list dynamically built from other recipient lists individually selected from the Recipient list table.

For more information on the individual fields found on the creation/editing form of recipient lists, please use the contextual help attached to each such field.