TYPO3 v8 has reached its end-of-life March 31st, 2020 and is not maintained by the community anymore.

You can order Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) here: TYPO3 ELTS.

Add Elements to the Content Element Wizard

The content elements wizard is opened when a new element is created.

The content element wizard can be fully configured using TSConfig.

See also

New content element wizard (mod.wizards.newContentElement) in the TSconfig Reference provides an extensive description of the parameters use by mod.wizards.newContentElement

Our extension key is example and the name of the plugin is registration.

  1. Create TSconfig


    mod.wizards {
        newContentElement.wizardItems {
            plugins {
                elements {
                    example_registration {
                        iconIdentifier = example-registration
                        title = Registration Example
                        description = Create a registration form
                        tt_content_defValues {
                            CType = list
                            list_type = example_registration
  2. Include TSconfig in ext_localconf.php

        '<INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT: source="FILE:EXT:example/Configuration/TsConfig/Page/Mod/Wizards/NewContentElement.tsconfig">'
  3. Register your icon with the icon API

    In ext_localconf.php:

    $iconRegistry = \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\GeneralUtility::makeInstance(\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Imaging\IconRegistry::class);
    // use same identifier as used in TSconfig for icon
       // use same identifier as used in TSconfig for icon
       // font-awesome identifier ('external-link-square')
       ['name' => 'external-link-square']
  4. After clearing cache, create a new content element

    You should now see the icon, title and description you just added!


    Content Element Wizard with the new "Event Registration" plugin


You may want to replace title and description, using language files for translation:

title = LLL:EXT:example/Resources/Private/Language/locallang.xml:registration_title
description = LLL:EXT:exapmle/Resources/Private/Language/locallang.xml:registration_description

See also

Add Your Plugin to Different Tab

The above example adds your plugin to the tab "Plugin" in the content element wizard. You can add it to one of the other existing tabs or create a new one.

See bootstrap_package for example of creating a new tab "interactive" and adding elements to it:

mod.wizards.newContentElement.wizardItems {
    interactive.header = LLL:EXT:bootstrap_package/Resources/Private/Language/Backend.xlf:content_group.interactive
    interactive.elements {
        accordion {
            iconIdentifier = content-bootstrappackage-accordion
            title = LLL:EXT:bootstrap_package/Resources/Private/Language/Backend.xlf:content_element.accordion
            description = LLL:EXT:bootstrap_package/Resources/Private/Language/Backend.xlf:content_element.accordion.description
            tt_content_defValues {
                CType = accordion