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TypoScript Template Reference






The TypoScript Template Reference (TSref) is a true reference describing the core Content Objects and functions available for Template building using the TypoScript template engine.


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About This Manual

This document is a complete reference to all objects types and properties of TypoScript as used in frontend TypoScript templates, and not in TSconfig.

The Introduction chapter in this manuals contains an introduction into the topic TypoScript.

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Version Numbers

This document always refers to the latest released TYPO3 version. For older versions, use the version selector.

For new features TypoScript Reference includes a note in which TYPO3 version the feature was added. If such a note is missing, the feature is part of TYPO3 since version 7.6 at least.

Case Sensitivity

All names and references in TypoScript are case sensitive! This is very important to notice. For example watch the words "TEXT" and "value" in this TypoScript code:

myObject = TEXT
myObject.value = <strong>Some HTML code</strong>

This is not the same as

myObject = text
myObject.Value = <strong>Some HTML code</strong>

While the first will be recognized as the content object "TEXT" and will produce the desired output, the latter will not be recognized and will not output anything. Even if you wrote "TEXT" in uppercase in the second example, it would still not work, because the property "value" is misspelled.

Always remember: In this manual the case of objects is important.

Official Documentation

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Core Manual

This document is a Core Manual. Core Manuals address the built in functionality of TYPO3 and are designed to provide the reader with in- depth information. Each Core Manual addresses a particular process or function and how it is implemented within the TYPO3 source code. These may include information on available APIs, specific configuration options, etc.

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