Logging in to TYPO3

With TYPO3, an editor's work is done via the backend and having an active backend account is required.

Enter your domain name into the address bar of your browser and append /typo3 to the end of it to access the backend login page. For example: http://www.example.org/typo3.

Check that JavaScript and cookies are enabled in your browser as they are required by TYPO3's backend.

The TYPO3 backend login screen

The TYPO3 backend login screen

New in version 12.3.

The password can be displayed in clear text by clicking the "eye" symbol once something has been typed in the password field.


Revealing login credentials is always a security risk. Please use this feature with caution when nobody can watch your input, either remotely or by looking over your shoulders!

Troubleshooting: Forgot password for backend login

The following example only works if your site administrator has enabled the password reset feature and if your backend account has a valid email address set.

  1. Click on Forgot your password?

    Go to the backend login page and select Forgot your password?.

    Click on "Forgot your password?"

    Click on Forgot your password?

  2. Enter your email address

    Use the same email address that you provided during registration.

    Click on "Forgot your password?"

    Click on Forgot your password?

  3. Open the email

    Note that you will get the following page even if the email you entered was not found. This is due to the fact that the system will not disclose information about any registered email addresses.

    If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder and double-check that the email address is correct.

    Click on "Forgot your password?"

    Click on Forgot your password?

  4. Enter the new password

    After you clicked on the password recovery link in the email you received you can enter a new password. Always use a secure password.

    Enter the secure new password twice

    You will need to enter your new (secure) password twice