Adding multiple pages at once

Changed in version 9.0: This functionality used to be in the Web > Functions module.

  1. In the page tree, position your cursor on the page you want to be the parent of the new pages.

  2. Right-click the page then select More options > Create multiple pages from the context menu.

    Select "Create multiple pages" in the context menu

    The Create Multiple Pages screen displays, with five new pages by default.

    The "Create Multiple Pages" screen
  3. Give each new page a title and choose its type.

  4. Click the Add more lines button to add five more new pages.

  5. Configure the new pages using the options at the bottom of the screen:

    • The Place new pages after the existing subpages option adds new pages below the currently existing subpages. Otherwise they will be placed above the current pages.

    • The Hide new pages and Hide new pages in menus options let you manage the visibility of your new pages.

      A hidden page cannot be accessed by anyone via the web site. A page which is hidden in menus does not appear in the site navigation but can be accessed by someone having the direct URL of that page.

  6. Click the Create pages button to create the pages.