Here is a quick overview of information about templating with the TypoTonic Extension:

Condition Templating
Include Namespace to the fluid template {namespace t = Aix\Tonic\ViewHelpers} This namespace is auto-registered when the extension is active, so you don’t need to use this line in your templates!
Records are injected The default available marker for all records, when having lists is {records} (Can be configured in the Tonic Constants)
A single record is injected A single record when in single record context, can be called by using the default {record} (Can be configured in the Tonic Constants)
A value for a field To retrieve a value, use {record.fieldname} (e.g. {record.myfield}. The values are of different return types. Please refer to your field configuration for more details. The frontend value is processed with the DataMapper. The frontend value is defined in the field setting Frontend Type Definition in the Tab Frontend Settings You can also use <f:debug>{record.fieldname}</f:debug> to get debug information


Of course you can use <f:debug>{_all}</f:debug> to find out which variables are available!

Predefining Templates

Templates in the selector can be predefined with the following TypoScript. Please add the TypoScript to your root template.

plugin.tx_tonic.templates {
    myTemplateIdentifier {
      group = General
      icon = EXT:tonic/Resources/Public/Icons/Datatype/brick.png
      name = My Test Template
      file = EXT:tonic_templates/Resources/Private/Templates/tonic_test1.html