This extension can render records with the help of TCA-based configuration without the process of creating a new extension for every datastructure you need. You can create new datastructure on the fly and having every advantage of TCA and TYPO3 Core functionality.

These records are systemwide accessible and are rendered in fluid-templates. Either you can render them with custom template files or by entering your own fluid code directly into the plugin.

Fields in this extension are rendered in the same way as the normal TCA rendering happens, but there is no need for creating an extra extension for every datastructure. Every configured datatype is generated as full TCA, and injected into the $GLOBALS. Tables are also generated by the TYPO3 Schema Migrator to deliver core functionality with the ease of clicking parts together!

Here are some examples for “datastructure-creating-extensions” that can easyly be made with TypoTonic but mostly without additional extensions/methods!:

  • News Records (like tt_news)
  • Job Records (like dmmjobcontrol)
  • Address Records (like tt_address)
  • Event Records (like cal)
  • Media Records for building a Media-Library
  • Product Records
  • Award Records
  • Company Records
  • Form Answer Records for creating Frontend Forms and saving the results as a form answer record
  • and a lot more!

The data above can be created in a small amount of time and is only maintained by a single solution, so you don’t need to update a bunch of extensions. Instead you only have to maintain TypoTonic.

The extension contains various Frontend-Plugins to help and support you with displaying records as of your needs. It is dynamically in every way, even to include records to another extension is possible as you would do it the TYPO3 way!

We are also delivering a TypoTonic Professional Version with extends the TypoTonic Core Extension with additional features. A set of components is also available in the future (e.g. for easy building custom REST Api’s)


  • Create customized data structures and records on the fly
  • Plugins for List, Detail is delivered
  • Sorting, Filtering, Selections and Searching is also possible and there will be available plugins for easy configuration in TypoTonic Professional
  • Dynamic Configuration of the Plugins to get nearly every solution
  • Inject records to other extensions by using the extbase structure Domain/Repositories
  • Inject dynamic variables of different types to TypoTonic fluid templates
  • Easy fluid templating customizable variable naming
  • TYPO3 Core compatible
  • Different output formats (e.g. XML, JSON, PDF (using ViewHelpers)) configurable by headers

Please see the Screenshots-Section for more information about some of the advanced possibilities.


Create fields for your datastructure (datatype)
Create a new datatype and assign the fields that you’ve created in ‘1.’
Use the table and class generator in the datatype to create classes (Model/Repository) and according table
Create or import records
*This step is also relevant for your editors and could also take place after you’ve done the templating. Your customer also could start to enter data here. *
Create Fluid Templates for your frontend (e.g. List, Detail)
Insert Record-Plugin to your site to display record(s)
Add other plugins like Filter or Search, API or Forms to your site and target them to the Record-Plugin to have a connection added in ‘5.’ to the configuration of them