TypoTonic Professional

The TypoTonic Professional Extension gives you an additional set of tools to create and handle your datastructure more effectively.

  • Adds an useful Toolbar Item that opens fast access to create and edit records
  • Adds an Record Edit Button to the Frontend for direct access to the current viewed record.
  • Possibility to set a custom logo for your customers aswell as your own support email.
  • Will contain additional plugins for Filtering, Sorting, Pagination and Searching through records.

TypoTonic Professional aswell and the components and fields are available at www.typotonic.com

TypoTonic Components


Component ‘API’

The TypoTonic Component ‘API’ lets you build your own REST-Api with the ease of just creating a intuitive configuration for your endpoint. It currently supports GET Requests and will be extended in the future with additional possibilities.

TypoTonic Fields


Field ‘Content’

The TypoTonic Field ‘Content’ adds a Page-Module-Like field to your datastructure that gives you the possibility to add content like you normal place content on your pages but withing a record. This field is best for creating content-intensive records like Blog-Articles.


Field ‘Fluid’

The TypoTonic Field ‘Fluid’ can combine all the record information to just a single field. The content is generated on record save and can be store in the database for usage in filters, searching, custom record title and using the data in different ways. Like other fields, it is highly customizable and contains all the features, that TypoTonic fields offer in general.


Field ‘User’

The TypoTonic Field ‘User’ can integrate custom UserFunc’s. It is also possible to add a set of parameters to the userFunc, dynamically set in the field configuration.