You do not have to configure kreXX. It works very well out of the box. There are two ways to configure kreXX:

  1. Edit configuration file settings in the backend

  2. Edit local cookie settings in every debug output

The editor for the configuration file can be found on the second tab of the backend module.

Backend settings editor

The toggle button on the right will enable the setting. The info button onm the right will display a short description about the specific setting. To save the desired configuration, simply click on the save button on the top.

When a previous setting was stored, but later reverted, the backend will remember the last setting and offer it. This is especially useful for the IP-Range.

Simple and expert mode

kreXX has a lot of options, and some are used more often than others. When using the Simple mode, the backend will only display the most used settings. The expert mode will display them all.

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