The TYPO3 plugin applies the following changes to the kreXX standard behavior:

  • The log folder is set to typo3temp/tx_includekrexx/log.

  • The chunks folder is set to typo3temp/tx_includekrexx/chunks.

  • The configuration folder is set to typo3temp/tx_includekrexx/config.

  • Blacklisting of several debug methods, to prevent errors.

  • Make use of the TYPO3 implementation for the IP filter, because it is more versatile than the kreXX version.

  • Additional analysis for EXT: filepath and LLL: language strings.

SQL Debugger

Writing a complicated SQL query with the doctrine query builder can be a difficult task. kreXX offers some assistance here:

When analysing a query builder or a query object itself, kreXX tries to extract the sql query from the object.

$queryBuilder = GeneralUtility::makeInstance(ConnectionPool::class)->getQueryBuilderForTable('pages');
    ->where($queryBuilder->expr()->eq('title', $queryBuilder->createNamedParameter('Home')));

$result = $queryBuilder->execute();

SQL debugger in action

SQL debugger in action