TYPO3 FileWriter

TYPOO3 has two differend logging systems:

  • Database logging, which can be accessed by the Log module in the backend.

  • File logging which can only be accessed by downloading the log via FTP.

kreXX offers a integration into the file logging by providing a FileWriter.

Integrate with the backend configuration

  • Simply activate the logging integration in the backend module.

TYPO3 logging integration
  • Clear the cache

  • Refresh the page with the Oops on the frontend.

  • Access the log entry with te backend module.

Manual integration into the TYPO3 logging

You can also integrate kreXX manually. Simply register it in your site package ext_localconf.php. This way you can give it a different configuration from the rest of the the debug settings.

// Register kreXX as a new log writer
$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['LOG']['writerConfiguration'] = [
    // Using the error level, and above.
    \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Log\LogLevel::ERROR => [
        \Brainworxx\Includekrexx\Log\FileWriter::class => [
            // Overwriting an existing configuration, allowing the scalar analysis.
            \Brainworxx\Krexx\Service\Config\ConfigConstInterface::SETTING_ANALYSE_SCALAR => 'true'

Here you can find additional documentation about the TYPO3 logging system.

Limits to the logging

Logging may be turned off within the $GLOBALS. If this is done after kreXX loads, then the kreXX logging integration will not work. The reason for this is simple: logging is turned off again, after kreXX added these settings.