Limitations of kreXX

Content Security Policy

kreXX is very reliant on JavaScript. Without it there is not much sense to it. The JavaScript itself is outputted inline via <script> tags. And that may be a problem.

A lot of websites have a content security police in place, preventing inline JavaScript from being used. Such a policy is actually a very good idea, because it gives an extra level of security. On the downside it also prevents kreXX on the frontend.


If you have such a Content Security Policy in place: Do NOT remove it.


Instead simply switch to logging.

Very large debug output

The kreXX library is able to create a log output larger than 1 GB. Creating such a large amount of output has two mayor drawbacks:

  1. It takes a lot of time to search through the output

  2. Your browser may not be able to render so much HTML code.

The nesting level limit helps a lot with keeping the output to a manageable level.