Ajax and CLI


kreXX tries to detect Ajax calls. When using the standard settings, kreXX will be disabled. The reason for this is simple: The output of the analysis will most certainly destroy the JSON or XML that should be send to the browser, causing a JS error.

But there are cases when you send already generated HTML code, instead. kreXX will (most likely) not destroy this one. To disable AJAX detection, set output -> detectAjax to false.


CLI detection is somewhat similar. When using a shell, a kreXX output will be most useless, you do not want to use HTML code in your shell window. Unless you specify the output destination to a file, kreXX will be disabled for CLI calls. The only thing that might be actually be displayed during CLI calls are the messages from the kreXX-bootstrap phase, telling the user about install problems.

Debugging Both

If you want to debug Ajax or CLI requests, simply switch to logging: Logging

The log files can be accessed here: Access logfiles