Normally, the output of kreXX is send straight to the browser. But there are always situations when this is highly impractical:

  • Debugging the server side of an ajax request

  • Dealing with a REST / soap service

  • Sending other developers the kreXX output

  • . . .

You can tell kreXX to write it's data in a file instead of trying to send it to the browser. How to do this, is explained in the chapter Configuration options. Just change the output option Destination from Browser to File.

Alternatively, you can use the forced-logging methods:

// Force kreXX to write an analysis into a log file.
// Force kreXX to write a backtrace into a log file
// Force the timer output into a log file
<krexx:log value="{my: 'value', to: 'analyse'}" />

Wen using the forced logging, the following things will happen:

  • Output destination is set to file by force.

  • Ajax requests will get logged by force.

kreXX will store all logfiles inside the directory


The logfiles can be accessed here: Access logfiles