Usage inside the Fluid template

kreXX does not only work in PHP. We have added a debug viewhelper for fluid.


When using TYPO3 6.2 until 8.4, you need to declare the namespace first. If you are using TYPO3 8.5 and later, this will not be necessary anymore.

{namespace krexx=Brainworxx\Includekrexx\ViewHelpers}
<html xmlns:f=""

The debugging viewhelpers

Using the viewhelper is pretty much straight forward:

<!-- Normal frontend output -->
<!-- Use this part if you don't want fluid to escape your string or if you are stitching together an array. -->
<krexx:debug value="{my: 'value', to: 'analyse'}" />
<!-- Force the logging into a file -->
<krexx:log value="{my: 'value', to: 'analyse'}" />

Screenshot of the fluid debugger output

Fluid debugger output with source generation for fluid.

kreXX will then try to analyse everything inside the variable given to it.