4.1.0 - 2018-02-04


Add subcategory flag

The category selection is extended by a new field in the FlexForms settings called Include subcategories. By default it is disabled and only if enabled, sub categories are taken into account as well.

All Changes

This is a list of all changes in this release:

2019-01-31 [FEATURE Add subcategory flag (#151) (Commit e975c02 by Georg Ringer)
2019-01-31 [BUGFIX] Use pagination settings in template (Commit f9bc928 by Georg Ringer)
2019-01-31 [BUGFIX] Respect sorting field in customSelection (Commit 36477dd by Georg Ringer)
2019-01-31 [TASK] Add migration of legacy plugins to extbase plugins (#140) (Commit 82b176b by Christoph Lehmann)
2019-01-31 [TASK] Add checks for PHP 7.3 (Commit 7403729 by Georg Ringer)
2019-01-31 [TASK] Add sorting to field selector (Commit 25cc4bb by Georg Ringer)
2019-01-11 Bugfix: Overwriting of storage pid from flexform (#139) (Commit 1cc3a85 by Christoph Lehmann)
2019-01-09 [BUGFIX] Use f.link.typolink for links (Commit 4e36575 by Georg Ringer)

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