Creating a Plugin Content Element

Go to the page view and navigate to the page where you want to insert one or more addresses. Create a new content element and in the “new content element wizard” scroll down to the plugins section and select “Address Selection”


Now on the first tab [1] you can add address records to the plugin, the second tab [2] is for selecting a template for how the address should look like, this needs to be configured by your administrator. If there’re no templates on the second tab, just save the content element once and after saving it they should appear.


In the Single addresses field [3] you can select addresses by using the known element browser. Even if the addresses selected here would be selected via groups, too they do not appear twice in the front end.

In the groups field [4] you can select groups from the tree view. These groups get combined either by AND or by OR [5]. That means you can select addresses which are in all of the given groups (AND) or they are required to be in at least one of the given groups (OR).

You set the sorting the addresses by selecting the sort order dropdown [7].

The starting point [8] does not necessarily need to be set. The extension can be configured to work with a default setting which needs to be adjusted by your administrator. If you set a startingpoint here, it will override that default setting that might be set. The recursive field [9] sets how deep in the page tree beginning from the startingpoint the system should look for addresses with the given groups.