Usage of AddressRepository in custom extension

If you need to output addresses in your custom extension you can follow this short tutorial.

All you need to do is adopt the following code to your needs:


$addressRepository = $this->objectManager->get(\FriendsOfTYPO3\TtAddress\Domain\Repository\AddressRepository::class);

// single selection
// which means: output addresses in given order
$demand = $this->objectManager->get(\FriendsOfTYPO3\TtAddress\Domain\Model\Dto\Demand::class);
$demand->setSingleRecords('12,34'); // Ids of tt_address records;
$addresses = $addressRepository->getAddressesByCustomSorting($demand);

// list action
$demand = $this->objectManager->get(\FriendsOfTYPO3\TtAddress\Domain\Model\Dto\Demand::class);
$demand->setPages(['12']); // list of pages where records are saved
$demand->setCategories('1,3') // list of categories desired address records need to be assigned to
$demand->setCategoryCombination('or'); // combine given categories either by "or" or "and"
$demand->setSortBy('last_name'); // order field
$addresses = $addressRepository->findByDemand($demand);

$this->view->assign('addresses', $addresses);