Working with the templates

The following tutorials describe how to work best with the provided templates

Modify the templates

If you want to adopt the templates, copy the ones of tt_address to your site package extension (or to fileadmin if you really need to …) and provide the path in TypoScript.

# Use either constants or setup

# constants:
plugin.tx_ttaddress.view {
    templateRootPath = path/to/your/tt-address-templates/Templates/
    partialRootPath = path/to/your/tt-address-templates/Partials/
    layoutRootPath = path/to/your/tt-address-templates/Layouts/

# or setup
plugin.tx_ttaddress.view {
    templateRootPaths.10 = path/to/your/tt-address-templates/Templates/
    partialRootPaths.10 = path/to/your/tt-address-templates/Partials/
    layoutRootPaths.10 = path/to/your/tt-address-templates/Layouts

Access to current content element data

The full data of the current content element can be accessed in the view by checking the variable contentObjectData.

<f:debug inline="1">{contentObjectData}</f:debug>

Section in partial Address

To minimize code duplication the partial Partials/Address includes often used parts of the template. Currently there are:

  • address: The address itself
  • position: The position of the address
  • contact: All including contacts and the birthday
  • social: All social links

To use one of the partial you just need to call

<f:render section="social" partial="Address" arguments="{_all}"/>