Rendering records with a map

Since version 4.2.0 the extension is capable of rendering records on a map. The following variants are included by default:

  • Leaflet
  • Google Maps
  • Static Google Maps

Providing coordinates in records

If a record should be rendered on a map the record must contain coordinates in format of latitude and longitude.

The coordinates can either be provided manually or by using the wizard in the backend.


Mass geocoding

By using a provided command it is possible to set coordinates to all records. A requirement for this is a valid Google Maps key. Read all about it at

The command is called by cli with the following line

./typo3cms ttaddress:geocode <your google maps key>

Frontend integration

To output the records, 2 important configurations need to be set in the plugin.

First, the setting Ignore records with no latitude/longitude must be set. Otherwise records with no coordinates would be rendered in the frontend

Second, the setting Select display mode in the 2nd tab Display must be changed to map.

Which map type is used is defined with TypoScript: = googleMaps. Available options are: leaflet (default), googleMaps or staticGoogleMaps.

For each render type, a custom fluid section is available in the partial Partials/Maps.html.