Fill Email as Username during registraion


Available since 2.0

If this setting is enabled, the mail address is taken as username. The setting can be applied in three situations:
  • During registration (new)

  • During edit process of an existing user (edit)

  • During Invitation process (invite)


Enable the "fillEmailWithUsername" option for the area (new, edit, invite), where you like to apply it.

Example for "new" area: = 1

Please take care, that the username is not set to required, otherwise it will not work = 0



plugin.tx_femanager.settings {
    new {
         fillEmailWithUsername = 1
         validation.username.required = 0


Please mind, if you use this setting in the edit view, a user is able to change his username. Therefor you should always take care, via validation settings, that a username (and also the mail address) stays unique for your users.