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to version 8.0.0

Upgrade Plugins

All Plugins used in your pages must be updated. The Updater is located in Admin Tools > Upgrade > Run Upgrade Wizard > "EXT:femanager: Migrate plugins"

TypoScript Changes

If you use the uploading feature for avatar images, the configuration has to be changed to the combined identifier


plugin.tx_femanager {
   settings {
      uploadFolder = 1:users/


The DataProcessors configured under plugin.tx_femanager.settings.dataProcessors are now without a return value, if you need to change data in the request use PSR-15 Middlewares


Currently the AutoLogin feature does not work. When we have found a solution the feature will be enabled again, until then a link to the login page could be inserted.

to version 7.1.0

Invitation Template

If you are using customized templates for the invitation function, please check the Resources/Private/Templates/Invitation/Edit.html

You need to add

<f:form.hidden name="hash" value="{hash}"/>

in order,that the function is working.

to version 6.0.0

Version 6.0 support TYPO3 9 LTS and 10 LTS. The support for TYPO3 8 was dropped. No changes on Templates are needed.

Backend Module "Frontend User" - View User Confirmation

If you want to use the Backend Module to confirm or refuse Frontend User, you need to setup the configPID. The extension uses now a frontend call out of the backend, to organise these actions.

module.tx_femanager {
    settings {
        configPID = 1

to version 5.2.0

The edit template has to be adjusted, as there is a new parameter 'token' is introduced.

Please update these partials:


The argument token was introduced.


        class="btn btn-warning btn-large"
        <i class="icon-trash icon-white"></i>
        <f:translate key="deleteProfile" />


        arguments="{user:user, token:token}"
        class="btn btn-warning btn-large"
        <i class="icon-trash icon-white"></i>
        <f:translate key="deleteProfile" />


You need to add: <f:form.hidden name="token" value="{token}" /> between the form tag.


        class="form-horizontal {f:if(condition:'{settings.edit.validation._enable.client}',then:'feManagerValidation',else:'')}">
                <f:translate key="titleUpdateProfile" />

        <f:form.hidden name="token" value="{token}" />

        more stuff here in the template file…


to version 5

There are minor breaking changes include. Main change is, that all eid scripts were replace, by a page num approach.

In order that the js validation works, you need to take care, that you these page typenums are available:

  1. Backend Module: Login as User feature

feManagerLoginAs.typeNum = 1548943013

see the complete config in file ext_typoscript_setup.txt

  1. Frontend Validation via JS

feManagerLoginAs.typeNum = 1548935210

see the complete config in file Configuration/TypoScript/setup.ext

to version 4.2.3 / 4.2.4 / 4.2.5

If you use your own HTML templates of new/edit/invitation-templates you should compare them with the one from EXT:femanager. There is a new additional attribute inside the form viewhelper: data-femanager-plugin, which contains the content element id.

If you use a modified version of the Validation.js, there are also changes: plugin and action parameter is send to the eID-Script now