You can offer editors different layouts. They can select the layout in the template selector. See

  • xBlog > [Plugin] > [Template] > External Template


Page TsConfig

Using the following Page TsConfig the editor can select the layouts in the xBlog plugin:

tx_xblog.templateLayouts {
  1 = A custom layout
  99 = LLL:fileadmin/somelocallang/locallang.xlf:someTranslation

You can use any number to identify your layout and any label to describe it.

Fluid Template

Now it is possible to use a condition in the template to change the layouts, and e.g. load a different partial:

<f:if condition="{settings_flexform_pi1_tmpl_externalTemplate} == 1">
    <!-- your layout with the index 1 //-->
  <f:else if="{settings_flexform_pi1_tmpl_externalTemplate} == 99">
    <!-- your layout with the index 99 //-->
    <!-- default xBlog layout //-->

As you can see in this example a different partial is loaded if the layout 99 is used.

See fluid templates at

  • Resources/Private/View/2ndContent/Templates/Main/List.html

  • Resources/Private/View/2ndContent/Templates/Main/Single.html