Real URL

Since the xBlog takes care of data from third-party extensions, the third-party extensions must ensure that the real URL is set up correctly.

However, the xBlog supports the so-called showUid parameter of every Real URL configuration by default. In addition, the xBlog supports the following parameter via its main plugin:

  • calUid

  • downloadUid

  • eventUid

  • jobUid

  • locationUid

  • newsUid

  • organizerUid

  • serviceUid

  • staffUid

These parameters are defined in the flex form of the xBlogMain plugin.

If you need another parameter, please send an email to the developer. See support.

Developers of third party extensions

If you are a developer of a third party extension and you want to improve your extension for Real URL, you will find a good configuartion sample at the EXT:org. See:

If link doesn' run, pleaser refer to the index of the manual and look for "Real URL":