Extension Manager

Some general settings can be configured in the Extension Manager. If you need to configure those, switch to the module Settings > Extension Configuration and select the extension “site_generator”.


modelsPid and sitesPid are mandatory fields.

The settings are divided into several tabs and described here in detail:


Property Tab Default
onlyOneFormPage basic false
commonMountPointUid basic  
modelsPid basic  
sitesPid basic  
homePageTitle label Home
groupPrefix label Group
baseFolderName folder Website
subFolderNames folder documents, images
groupMods access lists web_layout,web_ViewpageView,web_list,file_FilelistList,user_setup
tablesSelect access lists pages,sys_file,sys_file_metadata,sys_file_reference,tt_content
tablesModify access lists pages,sys_file,sys_file_metadata,sys_file_reference,tt_content
explicitAllowdeny access lists tt_content:CType:media:ALLOW,tt_content:CType:textteaser:ALLOW,tt_content:CType:text:ALLOW,tt_content:CType:textpic:ALLOW,tt_content:CType:image:ALLOW,tt_content:CType:textmedia:ALLOW
siteIdentifierPrefix site configuration siteGenerator-
langTitle site configuration English
locale site configuration en_US.UTF-8
iso-639-1 site configuration en
navigationTitle site configuration English
hreflang site configuration en-US
direction site configuration ltr
flag site configuration en-us-gb

Property details


By default there are two configuration pages - one for mandatory data and another one for optional data - to set wizard data. Set this to true if you need only one configuration page.


Here you can set the uid of a commun mount point for all sites, this mount point will then be available for each duplicated tree.


Models page uids used for news site generation. You can have several model pids separated with comma.


Pages uid where sites can be created, use comma for multiple values. The site generator wizard will only be available on that pages.


Define here the title used for the home page of each subsite - can be overridden in wizard form.


If set when a new FE or BE group is created, the group title will be prepended with this string - can be overridden in wizard form.


This is the name of the base folder used for each subsite mount point - can be overridden in wizard form.


The names of the sub-folders to create inside “baseFolderName/site_title/” - comma separated, can be overridden in wizard form.


List of allowed modules for BE group (comma separated)


Listing of tables that can be select for BE group (comma separated)


List of tables that can be modified for BE group (comma separated)


Set tt_content allowed CType for BE group (comma separated)


The prefix used for site identifier in site configuration


The language title (ex : English)


Locale used for localized date and currency formats. E.g. “de_DE” or “en_US.UTF-8”.


Two letters of ISO 639-1 code of the language, sample : en, fr


The language tag defined by RFC 1766 / 3066. Used within for “lang” and “hreflang” attributes, sample : en-US, fr-FR


The language direction for “dir” attribute : empty (none), ltr or rtl


The language flag icon, sample : en-us-gb, fr