Upgrade to version V2


If you don’t use “signal/slot” within previous version and have no wizard custom state, you can upgrade to new version without doing any change.

Use type hint with wizard custom state


The SiteGeneratorStateInterface() signature have changed to use type hint.


A PHP error will be thrown if you don’t update the custom steps of your extension.


Just change the process() method signature of your custom steps from :

public function process(SiteGeneratorWizard $context)

to :

public function process(SiteGeneratorWizard $context): void

Replace signal/slot with PSR-14 events


Within the File Abstraction Layer, all “Signals” of Extbase’s SignalSlot dispatcher have been migrated to PSR-14 events.

For this reason, all FAL-related Signals have been migrated to PSR-14 event listeners which are prioritized as the first listener to be executed when an Event is fired.

More informations at Deprecation: #89577 - FAL SignalSlot handling migrated to PSR-14 events.


Signal slot used in previous version have been removed and won’t work anymore.


Use new PSR-14 events as a replacement for old signal/slot.

Remove signal slot dispatchers registered in ext_localconf.php.

Replace your old slots with new event listener as described in Event listener.