The site generator wizard is based on models, models are dedicated parts of TYPO3 tree with pages, content elements, plugins, templates.

Update TypoScript constant in Home Page template

The model home page template could have many TypoScript constants defined for pages, tt_content, custom tables, etc.

You can add some comments in the model constant template in order to give some directives for the mapping between old uid and new uid. You can also defined your own directives, have a look at event listener.


plugin.tx_myplugin {
  settings {
      # Nothing specified : assume it's a page ID
      pidFeGroup = 12

      # Exclude the following line from mapping : works for all tables
      # ext=SiteGenerator; action=exclude
      storageUid = 69

      # Search for 'tt_content' in MappingArray
      # ext=SiteGenerator; table=tt_content
      someContentElements = 29,30

      # Map all values in the string and exclude some of them
      # ext=SiteGenerator; table=tt_content; action=mapInString; ignoreUids=29,30
      multipleCeWithIgnore = addInList(28,29,30)

      # For custom action you must used the event UpdateTemplateHPEvent
      # ext=SiteGenerator; action=customAction; parameters=custom parameters
      forACustomAction = 515,516

The available directives are :

Directive Description Sample Mandatory
ext Must be set in order to get other directives ext=SiteGenerator Yes
table The table name used for the mapping, if not set default is ‘tables’ table=tt_content No
action There are three actions available, exclude : exclude the row - mapInList : map values in a list like “1,2,3” - mapInString map values in a string like “addList(1,2,3)” action=mapInList No
ignoreUids List of uids to ignore - comma separated ignoreUids=777,888 No


Rather use mapInList whenever possible instead of mapInString, the second one could lead to wrong mapping for example with value like addList(123,1234) and uid to map is 123.


If nothing is set in comment directives, assuming that the uids are page IDs and default action is mapInList.

You can also add your own directives, have a look at event listener.