Installation & Setup

To follow this documentation, we assume you have TYPO3 up-and-running.

Check out the “Installation & Upgrade Guide” for how to setup a TYPO3 installation with Composer

The System extension extbase and fluid are required.

Extension Builder

Extension Key: extension_builder

The Extension Builder helps you build and manage your Extbase based TYPO3 CMS extensions - it provides a GUI to kickstart your extension - however, note that you should still familiarize yourself with the files generated and their uses.

The extension can be installed via composer, traditionally or by cloning the source.

Via composer:

composer require friendsoftypo3/extension-builder

To install the extension in the “traditional” way, go to the extension manager and get the extension “extension_builder” from TER.

To install this extension by cloning the source open the terminal and go to the directory typo3conf/ext/ and enter:

git clone

Then you can use the Extension Manager to install the Extension Builder.