This manual is no longer being maintained for TYPO3 versions 11.5 and above. The majority of the content has been migrated to the Extbase or Fluid sections in "TYPO3 Explained".

A journey Through the Blog Example


About the code of the blog example:

In this chapter we accompany you on a journey through a simple TYPO3 extension. While travelling on this round trip, you will get to know more about extension development with Extbase and Fluid and learn the most important stations and coordinates of extension development with the help of an example extension. You will first familiarize yourself with the geography and the typical characteristics of an extension and find out which processes run in the background. This knowledge will then help you in the creation of your own extension.

If you are looking for a manual specifically on creating an extension, chapter 4 will show you the right set of tools. However, we recommend to work on the fundamentals in this chapter. The journey that lies ahead of us could also have the title "Europe in five days." If you discover nice places, you should visit them later without the travel group.

You will find it beneficial to look at the original source code while reading the text, so you will have an easier time getting your bearings in your own extension later.


If you use a debugger, it can be interesting to follow a full cycle in single step mode. For that you have to set a breakpoint in the file Dispatcher.php. You will find this class - like every other class of Extbase - in the folder typo3/sysext/extbase/Classes/.

At the end of this chapter you will find a short comparison of the traditional way to code an extension and an approach with Extbase and Fluid.