This manual is no longer being maintained for TYPO3 versions 11.5 and above. The majority of the content has been migrated to the Extbase or Fluid sections in "TYPO3 Explained".

The Example Extension

Our first extension will show an inventory list of products, which we created in a backend list module. Each product consists of a title, a short description and the number of pieces in stock. The following steps are necessary for implementation:

  1. Create directory tree and the minimal configuration files

  2. Translate the problem domain to an abstract domain model

  3. Configuration of the persistence layer

    • Define the database tables

    • Configure the display of backend forms

    • Create repositories for product objects

  4. Define the application flow inside the extension (create controller and action methods)

  5. Implement design with HTML-templates

  6. Configure the plugin for list display

  7. Install and test the extension