This manual is no longer being maintained for TYPO3 versions 11.5 and above. The majority of the content has been migrated to the Extbase or Fluid sections in "TYPO3 Explained".


In this chapter you first learned the basic concepts of Fluid, followed by the use partials and layouts which help a lot with structuring your templates. You have learned about the cObject ViewHelper that makes use of TypoScript in Fluid templates possible. In addition you have seen how additional tag attributes are included in the output of a ViewHelper. This chapter was rounded up by the presentation of the if ViewHelper and the possibility to formulate complex bool terms. Finally we have shown how you develop your own ViewHelper. And at last we have present all concepts again with the help of an extensive practical sample - the sjr_offers extension.

By now you should have a good overview about the different levels of the MVC design pattern. The following chapter will focus on functions that touch all 3 levels. We will suggest the localization of an extension, the validating of data as well as the security of an extension.