This manual is no longer being maintained for TYPO3 versions 11.5 and above. The majority of the content has been migrated to the Extbase or Fluid sections in "TYPO3 Explained".

Styling the output with Fluid

Up to now you have learned how to represent the business logic of an application with a model and how to manipulate the model with the use of controllers. So far we have covered the output of data for the user only marginally. We want to take a closer look at this now. We will show you how you can create output for the user simple and fast. To make this work most efficient, specially for TYPO3 and FLOW, a new templating engine named Fluid was developed, which is flexible and extensible, but easy to learn.

In this chapter you will start with learning the basic concepts of Fluid. After that we will show you some functions which are helpful in templating with the help of various examples. Beside this we show you the development of a ViewHelper using an example. Finally we show you how you can apply the learned technologies with the help of a practical sample.