Backend Privileges

The following chapters cover modules that will only be available for backend users with specific access privileges.

In addition to configuring access rights for backend users or groups as described in Setting up User Permissions, there are "superuser" rights which can be activated for each user.

If a backend user has been created for editing in the backend, he or she should usually not get access to admin or system modules.

You should only give a backend user as much access as is needed. This makes the job easier by automatically deactivating modules and GUI elements the user does not have access to. It also makes it impossible for a user to damage the system by accidentally doing things he or she should not have been able to do in the first place.

Before TYPO3 version 9 there was only admin and non admin. Now we have the additional access privilege "system maintainer".


  • admin user privilege can be added by clicking the "admin" checkbox when creating or changing a backend user
  • admins have access to the SYSTEM module (including Access, Backend User, Log etc. modules)

System Maintainers

The first backend admin created during installation will automatically be a system maintainer as well. To give other users system privileges, you can add them in the ADMIN TOOLS > Settings > Manage System Maintainers configuration. Alternatively the website can be set into "Development" mode in the Install Tool. This will give all admin users system maintainer access.

System Maintainers are the only users who are able to see and access the Install Tool and the Extension Manager. These users are persisted within the LocalConfiguration.php as $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SYS']['systemMaintainers'].