About This Guide

This guide was developed by Open Strategy Partners and the TYPO3 Community, and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

Who This Guide is For

This guide is for anyone in the TYPO3 community writing content for or about TYPO3 in an official capacity. You might be writing for typo3.org, typo3.com, official documentation, or content in TYPO3 itself.

You are welcome to use this guide for writing content about TYPO3 on your blog and elsewhere, too.

You don’t have to read the guide to begin contributing—but feel free to use it as a reference and skip around as needed.

Contributing to this Guide

✉ Send your suggestions, feedback, examples, or other ideas by mail to.

We will review all submissions once per quarter, and will get in touch with you or make appropriate editorial changes as necessary.