Community Content Contribution

Contributing Content to TYPO3

As an open source project, TYPO3 accepts content contributions of all kinds, including, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Articles and blog posts for the websites .org and .com

  • Official documentation: We can always use help fixing issues, reviewing pull requests, writing new content, adding diagrams, creating cheat sheets, replacing outdated images, adding YouTube videos, reviewing manuals, and more. For more information and instructions, visit the How You Can Help page in our documentation.

  • Graphics and Design: Join our Design Team’s hangouts or sprints to help improve the TYPO3 brand design.

  • Marketing Team: Join the Marketing Team and begin contributing to our sales and marketing resources.

  • CoCoMOn: The Collaborative Communication, Marketing, and Onboarding project produces an open source marketing and educational toolkit for agencies around the world.

  • Podcast: Share your knowledge, suggest topics or guests via email for Application, the TYPO3 Community Podcast, or host TYPO3 community members on your own.

  • TYPO3 Core: Join the Core Team to help shape the product’s UI and write microcopy.

Contributing to this Guide

Send your suggestions, feedback, examples, or other ideas to us. The Editorial Team of this guide will review submissions once per quarter and get in touch with you or take other appropriate actions.