typo3.org Content Contribution

It doesn’t matter if you are a writer or not. Anyone can submit content or an idea for content on typo3.org, including events, news, tutorials, blogs, and more.

The Content Group

The Content Group facilitates content creation for typo3.org, but they don’t write everything. They rely on members of the community to help create content, and the team helps write, proofread, translate, and publish content for the TYPO3 community.

Submit a content request form

To submit content, log in to your my.typo3.org account and fill out the Content Request Form. Try to submit this form as soon as you have a budding idea, so it can be added to the publication schedule—submitting early gives other contributors more time and leeway to help out.

The form lists various categories for content submissions, like:

  • Event Promotion

  • Event Report

  • Team Report

  • Development News

  • General Content (e.g., tutorials)

  • Review

  • Interview

  • Other

You can also indicate what sort of help you might need, including:

  • Proofreading (included by default)

  • Translating

  • Writing

  • Improving/Copy editing

Suggest a title, author, and summarize the main message of the content. We’ll also ask you to identify the main audience of your content, such as:

  • TYPO3 community in general

  • Developers

  • Agencies

  • End customers

  • End users

  • Outsiders

Identify a “call-to-action”—the action you want readers to take after reading the content. It’s often as simple as redirecting the reader to another area on the website or asking them to get in touch. Optionally include images or ideas for images. Both calls-to-action and images help enliven an article.

Track Content with Trello

The Content Group uses a public Trello board to track content workflows.

When you complete the Content Request Form, a card is automatically generated on the board. It starts in the ‘Content requests’ column.

Trello cards have a checklist to ensure each piece of content has standard elements, including:

  • Link to the working document

  • A header image

  • A meta description

  • A social message

  • Newsletter blurb

Make sure they’re all appropriately filled in. Once you begin a piece of content, the Trello tasks move from left to right across the columns on the Trello board:

  1. Content requests

  2. Content in progress

  3. Needs a review or proofreading

  4. Reviewed and returned to author

  5. Ready to publish

  6. Published & ready for next newsletter

There is also a column for ‘Blocked’ content.

Meetings and Slack channel

The Content Group meets every second week and discusses the status of cards on the Trello board, as well as new content requests.

We use our Slack channel #t3a-content-group to tag content authors or submitters to keep them apprised of the status of their content.


All content published on typo3.org is typically included in the TYPO3 Newsletter, which is sent out at the end of each month.