We rely on the Stanford University IT Office of Digital Accessibility resources for guidance on accessible language. Be mindful of readers depending on screen readers or other assistive devices.


Describe images using alternative text (alt-text) or caption.

  • Be accurate, specific, and concise: use 125 characters or fewer, while providing a meaningful description of the image.

  • You don’t need to take up valuable characters with, “photo of,” or “image of.” Assistive technologies will announce when they are describing an image.

The Stanford University IT Office of Digital Accessibility has some great tips and more information on their Images page. Amy Leak has a good Medium article on the different applications of alt-text and captions.

  • Alt-text - Before: Photo of man in a room full of art supplies and tools.

  • Alt-text - After: Dr. Seuss faces forward in art studio

  • Caption: Dr. Seuss explains his painting methods