Step 0: Ideas and Inspiration

What are you writing and why? The assignment might come from an editorial plan, team meeting, or strategic framework. It should outline both the subject and the purpose of the content (e.g., subject: blog post about CDNs, purpose: highlight expertise in performance). This part of the process usually takes place in conversation with others before writing.

Before writing anything, make sure you understand the following:

  • Thesis: What are you trying to say about your topic?

  • Target audience: Based on the strategic purpose of the post, who are you trying to reach? (e.g. Developers, business analysts, CMOs, open source contributors, etc.)

  • Goals: What are you trying to achieve from this post? Inform, inspire, motivate, sign up, etc.

  • Format: What type of content are you writing? (e.g., blog post, case study, landing page, infographic, etc.)

  • Channels: Where will readers find it? (e.g., Client website, third party site, news outlet, etc.)

  • Voice and tone: The voice of the content should reflect the client’s brand voice and be appropriate for the publishing channel.