Our Values and Character

Brand Identity


The TYPO3 Project is an open source community, a tech product, a business organization, and all the individuals involved in TYPO3—and our values correspond to every aspect of our identity. In the spirit of open source, we developed this set of values as a community.

Human Values

  • Contribution: Our product would not exist or improve without our contributors. Every individual who contributes shapes TYPO3’s DNA, and we value all kinds of contributions—technical and otherwise.

  • Community: As a community, we support, inspire, and share knowledge with one another. Our community’s successes are shared successes.

  • Respect: Our inclusive community respects all of its members, regardless of our backgrounds. We treat each other respectfully, with openness and trust.

  • Collaboration: An Open Source environment is characterized by collaboration within, between, and beyond teams. We collaborate and support one another in all our initiatives.

  • Enjoy what you do: We strive to create a fun environment, strengthened by bonds of friendship. It’s important that our community enjoys working with TYPO3.

Tech Values

  • Security: Because our users have entrusted us with their CMS needs, we honor their trust by treating security as a top priority.

  • Quality of code: We maintain high-quality, well-documented, and clean code that adheres to the latest standards so future contributors can understand how TYPO3 works and continue to improve it.

  • The product is more than code: Software is not an end in itself; everything we do is in service of improving the daily experience of our users and community.

  • Meaningful innovation: We don’t innovate just to innovate. Our improvements are sourced from community and user needs— they solve real problems.

  • Sharing knowledge: Our product’s future is sustained by knowledge sharing, mentorship, and support. We share our know-how because it makes our product better.

Business and Leadership Values

  • Strong, clear communication: Transparent and open communication foster the community’s health and growth. We strive to create an accessible environment in which everyone can stay informed and ask questions.

  • Reliability: We take our responsibilities seriously and follow through on our commitments. Our community, members, and users know they can rely on us.

  • Fair business models: We support sustainable and fair business models underpinned by our free and open source CMS. Our services and products are priced fairly for the quality and services provided.

  • Constructive feedback: We provide meaningful, constructive feedback to make TYPO3 better. All feedback should serve the ultimate goal of improving TYPO3 and supporting individual development.

  • Mentorship: Our community grows and learns through mentorship. By sharing knowledge and supporting our newer members, we foster the development of individuals and TYPO3 itself.

These values should inform our purpose, how we want to present ourselves in the broader open source community and technology world, how we make decisions, and where we focus our contributions.

These values also shape our culture, behavior, and community leadership—providing a set of guiding principles that we hold each other accountable to.

Voice & Tone

The voice and tone of our communications correspond to our values as a community.

Our voice is inviting, respectful, and friendly when we speak about our community, contribution, and human connections.

Our voice is trustworthy, forward-thinking, and thoughtful when we speak about our technology, the TYPO3 CMS product, and associated tech services.

In line with our business and leadership values, we speak about our offerings and services with a knowledgeable, constructive, and transparent voice.